Caledonian Market

The Caledonian Market is the major fundraising event of Brecon Rotary during the year, and takes place in the Market Hall Brecon, LD3 7LF on the first Saturday in November each year. See location map below.

Articles for sale at the market, all of which are donated by the local community, are collected by members of the club during the second half of October. Details of the collections, times and contact details are posted on this page during the September before the event and also in the local press during October.

Unsold items

Many of the articles that are not sold at the market are passed on to other charitable organisations in the area. Any other items that are left are usually sorted and delivered to the recycling centre. During recent years this can involve the club in unwanted costs in disposing of the surplus. In an attempt to keep this to a minimum we list items that we will not collect and ask that these items are not offered to our members when collecting in October.

2019 Market

Brecon Rotary would like to thank everyone who donated items for the market, all the helpers who gave their valuable time and not leasl the visitors who supported the event by buying  to make the market once again a great success raising in excess of £10,000.00  which will go towards deserving causes over the next twelve months.

Next Market

We are unable to give dates of any future markets at the current time

Sponsored Event

Brecon Club would like to acknowledge the financial help given by WJ James, Chartered Accountants in the running of this event.

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