A ShelterBox is a green box filled with carefully selected equipment that can be easily transported and deployed to disaster areas throughout the world.

The contents are adjusted to suit local conditions and what is most urgently needed.The basic contents include a specially designed 10 person tent, tools, cooking equipment, blankets and water purification items.

ShelterBox and Rotary International

Below is an extract from the ShelterBox website

The global support from the Rotary network is the cornerstone that ShelterBox is built on.

Rotary has been instrumental in our growth and Rotarians are the cement that binds us together. Since we were founded, we have grown from one club’s adopted project to the largest global Rotary club project in the 100-year history of the organisation.

Many thousands of Rotary Clubs worldwide have supported us in a myriad of different ways.

The fundraising efforts by Rotarians make up a significant proportion of donations received by ShelterBox. Alongside this, Rotary Clubs provide invaluable logistical support to our field operations.

Rotarians will often be the people who ensure our aid can be delivered into a country by acting as consignees. These essential acts mean we can deliver aid to people in need as quickly as possible. More often than not, it will be Rotarians who are the first point of contact for the ShelterBox Response Team members when they arrive in a country that has been devastated by a disaster. They provide everything from logistical support, translators, local knowledge to a bed to sleep in.

The global Rotary network has been key in our international growth. At present, all of our International Affiliates have been set up by Rotarians or Rotaracters and the growth has been phenomenal.

Rotarians around the world are now engaging with ShelterBox on an unprecedented scale. The benefits to our efforts and, in turn, to Rotary, are enormous. We receive incredible support from Rotary and, equally, we are acting as a catalyst in encouraging more people the world over to become involved with their local Rotary Club.

The relationship between ShelterBox and Rotary is beyond value.”

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