The Well - A brief history

It must be widely assumed that the well in Bethel Square was used for the  needs of the Golden Lion Inn, which stood on the site. There was stabling for 50 horses and the stage-coach from London via Hereford would arrive there every day. People would congregate to see what the coach had brought, perhaps a refugee or maybe a piano!  

The Inn was a busy place in the 18th and early 19th Century, because it was handy for the Guildhall where winter balls were held, and where the military officers and local bigwigs would mingle.  There is a sepulchral slab dedicated to a periwig maker in the Cathedral, as it happens. There is also one to Thomas Longfellow, the  proprietor of the Golden Lion who died in 1814.  

Prior to the building of the Barracks, troops were accommodated in the Inn which had been specially adapted for the purpose. It later became an elementary school . The Welsh Methodists bought the Inn with all its outhouses in 1843, hence the presence of Bethel Chapel (now Boots Chemists) in its yard.

Brecon Rotary's Wishing Well

Situated in Bethel Square, the wishing well is part of our fundraising initiative.

When Rotary started using the well as a source of fundraising many years ago, it looked quite different to how it does today.

Originally it consisted of a small blue sign above a metal grid housing the collecting box placed in the stone well.

Around 2014 a large rotary roundel was added to the well replacing the sign. In 2016 the well was rebuilt due to the paving in Bethel Square being relaid. The metal grid and collecting box was repainted with vinyl graphics added to the collecting box.

The current day well has easily replaceable signs added giving information about distribution of funds and special appeals and a spiral coin shoot introduced to provide a feel good factor to the passing donator.

Our Sponsors

Brecon Rotary would like to thank our sponsor

B Jenkins

for their generosity. No public donations have been used in the refurbishment of the Wishing Well

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